Youth Camera Action

An innovative film project working with 13-18 to create a promotional film about volunteering opportunities in West Norfolk.

bridge for heroes

What is the project?

Youth Camera Action aims to create a film that raises awareness of the benefits of volunteering. The film will also showcase how volunteering impacts the work a charity does, and how the volunteering experience benefits the individual. We are showcasing authentic stories with a positive outcome. 

Why volunteering?

Throughout Norfolk there are hundreds of organisations that depend on the generosity of volunteers. These organisations provide a variety of support and services, and thousands of individuals depend on them. We are aiming to showcase that volunteering is available to everyone. Not only does it benefit the organisation but it provides a wealth of experience and skills to the volunteer.

Why Youth Camera Action?

Volunteering is available to people of all ages, and who best to work with on the project than the Millennials. The team of 13 to 18 year olds will be working together with the team from Riarmato Productions to produce the final film. The young people are going to be involved in all the aspects of the filmamking process. We love working with young people, and have done so on many of our film and animation projects. 


Youth Camera Action is funded by the Norfolk Community Foundation, together with a local charity The Bridge for Heroes and Uniform Services at the College of West Anglia both supporting and participating in the film project.

The film?

The final film will be launched at a premiere held in the Majestic Cinema in King's Lynn. After the premiere it will be uploaded to social media and  used by organisations across Norfolk to encourage other people to get into volunterring. 



If you would like further information about the project, or how to get involved please use the form on the CONTACT page.